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Happy New Year

Sorry guys, Posts have been slow in the making recently as I have been very busy doing, you know, doggy things but I wish you a very happy 2017. Lots of Love, Jaffa xx
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You might know that puppies just love puddles and find them highly interesting but one doesn't quite understand the fear a puppy has of a frozen one! They creak, they are slippy and put simply, SCARY!! Human friends don't appear to mind them. The jump on them until they break and seem to find it…
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I love my walks up to the downs but my little legs can get very tired!
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Haven’t I grown!

Sorry. My blog hasn't be updated recently but my owners have been very busy! I have been on a walk most mornings getting very muddy (or cold when it is frozen). Can you remember how I used to be very small? Here is proof that I have grown as a puppy. Me when I was…
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